Best Buy“Kimberly is the most professional, efficient and caring search professional I’ve worked with. She made me feel as though she were working exclusively for me. Kimberly has great insight and can quickly evaluate one’s skills and potential fit with an organization. She can be trusted and holds information with confidence. Kimberly is truly an example of an experienced, skilled, and qualified recruiter. I would highly recommend her to my closest colleagues and friends.”

–Senior Director, Best Buy

Best Buy“Kimberly was skillful in walking that fine line, hard and challenging at times, as she truly treated both sides of an engagement as her clients. Always having my best interests at heart, she has earned my trust and respect.”

–CTO, VP, Engineering, Varolii

Intellectual Ventures“I love working with Kimberly Ehler for lots of reasons: her generous soul, her capacity to deliver and to highlight the best and the worst in the risks of hiring a candidate, and her way of getting people, just about anybody, to laugh their way into deep and penetrating insights as to what they “need” to hire as opposed to what they “want” to hire. Above all, I love working with Kimberly because she is a person who represents the interests of the company, the hiring manager and the candidate fairly. Kimberly has a rare talent to address uncomfortable issues in a non-threatening way. Highly recommended team player who has an infectious laugh.”

–General Manager, Intellectual Ventures

T-Mobile“Archer Field provides best-in-class end-to-end solutions for executive recruiting. Kimberly and team are the consummate professionals, consistently executing with excellence and exceeding customer expectations. Whether you are seeking a retained search, looking to put processes and structure into place, or need a process expert to build and establish your executive talent acquisition function, Archer Field will deliver – every time.”

–VP, Human Resources, T-Mobile USA

Samsung“I had my first opportunity to work with Kimberly from Archer Field while working to recruit for a difficult to fill position. Not only was she the best recruiter I’ve had a chance to work with, but the communication and proactive nature was second to none. She brought many compelling candidates to the table, did a great job evaluating them, and also made great recommendations based on the feedback she received from the team who interviewed the candidates. I would highly recommend utilizing Kimberly’s passion to find just the right team members.”

–SVP, Cloud Services, Samsung Innovation Lab & Media Solutions

Spring Creek“The team at Archer Field jumped into a really challenging senior team member search on which we were behind schedule, got up to speed very fast on our culture and requirements, and helped us source and find 3 extremely qualified candidates in short order. Pleased to say we successfully hired one, and this part of the process moved very rapidly as well. Highly recommended for professional search.”

–Managing Director, Spring Creek Group