The Advantages of Choosing Archer Field, Inc.

We are committed to excellence in partnering with a select number of clients to simplify, expedite and enhance the process of securing those exceptional leaders.

Time and again we outperform traditional retained search firms because we deliver exceptional candidates and services at an exceptional value.

  • We’ve been in your position
    Each principal at Archer Field has experience leading corporate talent acquisition functions for complex enterprises like Amazon, Microsoft, T-Mobile, and Starbucks. Our principals have firsthand experience with the challenges of leading an in-house executive search function and have learned from our successes and our failures. Together, we bring a combined 30-plus years of real-world experience forged through leadership at some of the most well-known and respected companies. This experience, coupled with 15 years of running a successful executive search practice enables us to comprehend and execute the search process from the hiring executive, HR and search professional viewpoints.
  • We are a well-established alternative choice to traditional retained firms
    Having been buyers of retained search services, we understand the need to ensure that there is a strong return on your investment. We changed the game long ago by delivering exceptional candidates at a better value. We also hand over all candidate research, something traditional search firms never do. Our clients use this research to build out their internal database and make additional hires at no additional cost.
  • Competitive, transparent and performance-based pricing
    Because traditional retained search firms charge a percentage of salary, they stand to benefit by inflating the compensation of the candidates they present. Our flat fee eliminates that conflict of interest. Also, traditional retained search firm fees are typically structured on a time basis, are not dependent on results and are due in full even if the search is not completed. Our fees are based on performance and a defined set of deliverables. We are paid for the work we deliver, no more, no less.
  • Our outstanding reputation
    Well known for our reputation for excellence, professionalism and performance, Archer Field is distinguished by 15 years of business sustained exclusively by long term, repeat client engagements and professional referrals.